Message from the President

In 1904, my great-grandfather, a recent immigrant to the United States, started this company in Spokane, Washington.  Initially specializing in rail and bridge construction, the company gained a reputation for grading and excavation.  Evolving with the changing infrastructure needs of the country, the company shifted into interstate highway and hydroelectric dam construction in the mid-20th Century.  In 1959, my grandfather, Neal Degerstrom, incorporated the company and continued to expand into new areas of work.  Under Neal’s leadership the company evolved into a multi-state operation that employs hundreds of people and possesses one of the largest privately owned equipment fleets in the western United States.

As the fourth-generation president, it is my responsibility to maintain the principles and qualities handed down through my family that has made our company so successful.  Being a family-owned company allows us to be nimble and creative in addressing the needs of our customers.  Through the dedication and expertise of all our employees, I am confident that no matter the challenge, N.A. Degerstrom, Inc. will continue to be a world-class service provider well into the future, maintaining an unrivaled commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

- Chris Myers