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Bid Schedule

bid due Jul 15 1:00 PM
South Gorge Trail - Phase 1 Spokane, WA

Construct new trail along Spokane River. 

bid due Jul 22 1:00 PM
Sewer Replacement - Spotted Road to Allman West Plains, WA

Install 5500 feet of sanitary sewer. 

bid due Jul 23 1:00 PM
SH-97 Emergency Repair MP 76.9 Harrison, ID

Reconstruct state highway along Lake Coeur D'Alene. 

bid due Jul 24 11:00 AM
NSC - BNSF 2nd Railroad Realignment Spokane, WA

Construction of 2 railroad structures, BNSF Shoofly, retaining walls, roadway excavation and embankment, subballast, paving with HMA, curb and sidewalk, barrier, fence, utility work, minor drainage items, seeding, fertilizing,…

bid due Jul 24 11:00 AM
PCC Railroad Structure Rehab Rosalia, WA

Roadway Excavation, embankment
compaction, quarry spalls, scour repair, temporary stream diversion, furnishing steel piles, silt fencing,
signing, furnish timber stringers, replace timber backwall, crosstie…